Personal experience with music is made even more poignant when the music is played by a Highland Piper.

There is no doubt that the power of music turns a wedding into a memory.

Have you ever stopped to consider how the use of music alters our mood?

There is a purity of sound enhanced by the lone performance of the bagpiper before an audience; each note listened to and felt intently.

In my experience having a piper to play on a wedding day, especially when you are in the Highlands of Scotland is very important as it sets the tone of your day…

I do pride myself in having the best vendors in Scotland.

Over the years I have worked very closely with many wonderful pipers.

Scott Wood and his team of pipers are from Glasgow.

I have found them to be very professional at all times and a great pleasure to work with on a wedding day.

Scotts Words

Your musical choice is the bedrock of entertainment for a wedding day, and can make any moment magical.

But choosing the exact pieces of music for your big day can be a daunting task. You run the risk of choosing something that may be too cliched, or else choosing a piece that no one recognises.

My tip would be to choose something that connects with you emotionally, or on a personal/nostalgic level.

If you are still stuck, go with what the professional recommends, as they perform in these situations all the time and understand how to make the music connect to the moment.


Many people have ask me “When does the piper play at a wedding?”

This is quite simple

  • As your guests arrive at the venue, what better way than to the music of the great highland bagpipes.
  • Piping the guests into the ceremony room.
  • Piping the bride up the aisle, as you make the most important walk of your life
  • Piping as you walk over to the sign the legal paperwork. Having the sound of a piper playing a few Scottish tunes as you are signing the registrar is totally enchanting.
  • Piping you back across to the main house to join your other guests for the drinks reception. When your guests hear the pipes they will know that the happy couple will soon be arriving.
  • Piper will play in the distance, while your photographs are getting taken.
  • Piping you into the dining room to cut the wedding cake and take your seats for dinner. What better entrance can you have than to be accompanied to your seat by a Scottish piper.

The sound of the pipes will certainly draw their attention to the fact that you are about to travel on the journey to the rest of your life.

That is why a Scottish piper, has been such a success over the years.

Creating meaningful moments and a lifetime of memories.

What my clients say

Utterly incredible

Alice was at the end of the phone for any questions or advice we needed in the run up to the big day.

Thank you Alice and all her staff.