Weddings create memories to last a lifetime with pictures taken on the day that will stay with you a lifetime. Naturally, this means that you will want to look good from head to toe.

Men invariably look good in a suit… or so we have been reliably informed. Groom fashion continues to reflect high street style, and step further away from the traditional, some may say glamorous attire, of traditions past. The result is a flurry of styles that seems never-ending.


Here are just a few ideas that might be a perfect fit!

Let’s talk about you the Groom and how the importance of what you wear on the biggest day of your life, your wedding day.

When it comes to dressing for a wedding everyone thinks guys have the easy job. But looking and feeling great on your wedding day is more than just a matter of “putting on a suit”.

Grooms need to think about the cut, colour, size and style of what they wear and how it works with the overall theme of the wedding.  Do you want top hats and tails, a classic tuxedo or a jaunty tweed suit or maybe you want something a little more modern or laid back?

But where do you begin? For men, the opportunity to dress up is rare, but a wedding is the perfect time and place for you to dress with glamour in mind.

So to give you an idea of the latest fashions for grooms, and male guests, I had a look at styles with a traditional but modern twist…

Generally, there’s a trend towards skinny fitting American prom style dinner suits, and while this is high fashion look which may appeal, it might be wise to consider avoiding it. 

The reason being high fashion fades, and photographs seen a few years later may look very dated. 

You need to think…Wow, didn’t I look good on my wedding day and not Wow, that was a mistake what was I thinking!

Whatever you choose, needs to stand the test of time.

The cravat and oversized wing collar have passed into history. The lounge suit, however marvellous, can look like a special day at the office. Though some guys may prefer it for a less formal wedding.

Many grooms go for tweeds, which suits the countryside wedding, and I would advise going the whole hog with checked shirts and wool ties.

It seems though, that the elegant, iconic morning tail suit is still the favourite by far many grooms.  How you choose to accessorise your suit is entirely your choice, and one that can be used to add personality and lift the look to the next level.

We are told that waistcoats should be plain, and in a pastel colour chosen to tone with the bridesmaids, or traditional buff or dove grey. They can be single or double-breasted. A tie should be worn, reflecting the personality of the wearer, and again toning with the bridal colours. 

Our advice – please note that a pocket handkerchief should not match the tie.

Black Tie 

If the wedding is black tie, it really is compulsory for you to dig out your best black dress shoes. 

Black tie events are not a place where you can compromise on your outfit. 

Considering guys have branched out suit wise, it has opened them up to a whole new world of footwear options too. With great power, comes great responsibility! What colour shoes go with a burgundy suit?! It is usually recommended to go with shoes that are a darker colour than your suit.

Shoes are so important.  

Some advice that I can give you is don’t forget to polish those bad boys.

The Kilt

We love the Highland Kilt !

What you should know when going to hire the kilt…

Formal Attire 

For traditional, formal wedding occasions, your kilt should fit with the traditional evening wear attire. This follows the Prince Charlie Jacket outfit. This jacket has the recognisable three buttons down either side of the jacket and is slightly longer at the back.

To complete the look, this jacket should be accompanied with:

A three-buttoned waistcoat
A plain-coloured (usually white) shirt
A black, plain bow tie, or one that matches the colour of the jacket.

With these formal occasions, it’s essential that the colour of the hose (socks) compliment the outfit. Most importantly, he socks should never be white. Though cream is acceptable.

Following on from the hose, men should either opt for black brogues, or Ghillie brogues to perfect the outfit.

Semi-Formal Wear 

If instead, you have chosen to go for a slightly less formal daytime wedding, then an Argyll Jacket would go very fittingly with this occasion. While these look very similar to a normal jacket, they should be fitted alongside a five-buttoned waistcoat.

To accompany this jacket and waistcoat combo, you should wear a silver-grey wedding tie or one that matches your tartan. It’s worth noting that a black bow tie may be necessary for the evening alongside a plain shirt (again usually white).

Black brogues or Ghillie brogues will add the perfect finish to your outfit.


This is your wedding
Do what you love
Invite the people you want 
Dance to the songs that bring you most joy
Be the king of the rest of your life
Enjoy all the moments
Share the photographs with your children and grandchildren
Most of all, spend the rest of your days with the person you love…

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.


What my clients say

You Smashed It!

You absolutely smashed it…….from the moment we stepped foot out of the car we were treated like royalty. Alice quickly alleviated any wedding day nerves we had. Nothing is too much trouble for Alice who waited on us hand and foot all day.