Dreaming of a glamorous adults only affair in a wonderful venue, or a busy wedding weekend with kids?

When it comes to weddings there seems to be one thing that really divides us and that’s whether or not children should be invited to the wedding.

For me a wedding is a celebration of love with family and friends, I personally think children are a massive part of the day, but that just might be because I have a child myself and leaving him with family would not be my choice.

However, this is your wedding and your choice so do what suits you and your partner.

If you decide not to have children at your wedding then let your family and friends know well in advance so that they can arrange a baby-sitter.

Children can be a lot of fun at weddings, especially busting their cute little moves on the dance floor. But I have to say long periods of sitting still and being quiet can be difficult for young children, as they naturally have a very short attention spans, boredom kicks in and they may become restless, hungry and overtired which can lead to tantrums, tears and frazzled parents.

Ideas … Nibbles and child friendly drinks
If you are having canapés, you might want to consider child friendly options such as carrot sticks, cheese cubes, or apple slices.
Wedding receptions can last for a long time so it’s worth bearing in mind that your littlest guests might not be so impressed with those smoked salmon blinis so it’s also a good idea to provide soft drinks in child friendly cups or cartons of juice.

Over the years, I have found that many couples have actually made the decision to not bring their children to the wedding despite them being invited.. the reason being they want to be able to enjoy the day without having to worry about chicken nuggets and probable meltdowns!
I personally respect the decision of not bringing kids so you can let your hair down and enjoy the day.

As with most things in life the decision about inviting children to weddings or not is a personal one.

‘Children Welcome’
Over the years I have worked in the weddig industry, I have seen many beautiful children at the weddings, who are well behaved and well mannered all day, a completed pleasure to watch them eat, dance, laugh, play and probably enjoy the day more than us….

I would like to share some photos of the children over the years that I have found to be so amazing, including my own child Luke….

Piglet: How Do You Spell Love?

Pooh: You Don’t Spell It.. You Feel It

What my clients say

Simply magical… thank you so much for our perfect day.

Alice is a true pro and head and shoulders above the other options we considered. There are so many ways she contributed to our day, big and small, and we’ll be forever grateful. She perfectly strikes the balance between creating a once-in-a-lifetime wedding day and ensuring everything runs like clockwork – from the marriage paperwork to the registrar, flowers, cutting cake, and anything else you might need. She is by far one of the most organised and efficient people I’ve ever met, which put us completely at ease when planning our very short-notice wedding!