Why have a wedding cake?

Pre-18th-century history

The contemporary wedding cake has grown out of several different ethnic traditions. One of the first traditions began in Ancient Rome where bread was broken over the bride’s head to bring good fortune to the couple.

The custom was for the groom to break the bread over the bride’s head to symbolise the end of the bride’s virginal state, ensure fertility, and the beginning of her husband’s power over her.

Try that in the 21st Century?

In today’s world, the guests who also attend the wedding would take part by taking a piece of the broken wedding cake in hopes that they would also get good luck and fortune.

The custom of breaking the cake was mostly necessary at that time since they believed it would benefit and provide good fortune to the couple’s future children.

Some people today think that eating the crumbs of the wedding cake would give them good luck because the wedding cake symbolises happiness and good life to the newlywed couple.

A wedding cake is very important, your cake will sit beautifully throughout the wedding reception and will be gazed upon by everyone as you cut that very first slice as husband and wife in front of your family and friends, this is one of the main events taking place during your wedding day.

I have a very good list of cake suppliers that I use. One of my suppliers is Liggys Cakes.

Liggys Cakes

I set up the business way back in 2007 with the aim of becoming Scotland’s leading cake business for style-conscious couples.

Following a successful 2 years in Edinburgh selling cupcakes and occasion cakes, the company branched into the wedding market, employing a small (but excellent!) team of bakers and decorators.

I opened the Bearsden branch five years ago with the aim of providing beautiful and stylish wedding cakes in the West of Scotland whilst retaining the quality and service the customers have come to expect.

The company has now grown to now include a new Stockbridge boutique in Edinburgh and our cakes are now delivered nationwide to many of the countries most beautiful wedding venues.

We still bake every cake from scratch, by hand, before filling, icing and decorated according to the couples bespoke design which we have discussed at their complimentary tea and cake tasting appointment in one of our beautiful cake boutiques.

Our design team also continues to create two full cake design ranges every year based on the emerging trends and bridal fashions which allow us to stay at the forefront of cake design in Scotland.

Top 3 tips for choosing your wedding cake:

  1. 1. Don’t be afraid to choose something a bit different!  Unlike many elements of your wedding planning, the cake is a bit of a “stand alone” item which doesn’t necessarily need to tie in with every other part of your day so forget the colour scheme and just choose something you fall in love with.
  2. 2. Mix up the flavours!  Most cake companies including ourselves offer a really wide range of delicious flavours and whilst it’s nice to have something to please the crowd, you can also add in a bit of a “wild card” flavour for the more adventurous guests – lemon curd with rosewater and black forest gateau are two of my personal favourites!
  3. 3. For budget conscious brides, the cake is an easy element to make sure you come in on budget on – just ask!  Because all the elements of your cake are bespoke, your cake designer will be able to make many recommendations  to ensure you get the cake you want in the right price bracket whether that is adding extra “false tiers” to give lots of impact without leaving you with lots of leftover cake or swapping expensive sugar flowers for fresh flowers to be able to use them in abundance for that Pinterest worthy look.

Wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes, from two and three tier cakes, sponge to cheesecakes, DIY and homemade cakes, the list is endless…

I have even had the pleasure to see a treehouse wedding cake which I have to say was totally magnificent.

If you look at fashion over the years, the styles have changed so much, clothes, hair, and music but, if you really look at cake itself, it’s really the same, wedding cakes are so special.

Every celebration ends with something sweet, and people remember cake It’s all about the memories especially on a wedding day…

Enjoy Life! Eat Cake

What my clients say

A wonderful, magical experience.

Right from the initial enquiry, Alice was so attentive to our vision of our wedding. She put so much in place, directed us to and liaised with a quality photographer, make-up artist, registrar and anything else we needed. All her correspondence was near enough instantaneous and clear. Even from the planning stage it was exactly how we envisaged our wedding to be – stress-free.