Young People Are The Future

Why hospitality work is the perfect training ground for young people.

The Hospitality Industry has a great opportunity to create a trained youthful workforce that empowers young people to find a stability in their future life.

Already the hospitality industry is a major employer of people aged between 15 – 25 years old.

Our industry as a whole has a capacity to provide thousands of jobs for this age group. And every hospitality business big or small can be part of this.

The goal is to set young people up for life…

With my business, young people have a chance to learn skills that will serve them for the rest of their professional lives.

I feel hospitality work is the perfect training ground to teach young people skills such as…

  • Working in a team
  • Communicate effectively
  • Problem solving 
  • Taking responsibility
  • Provide exceptional customer service
  • Remain professional at all times

What can be done?

There are countless hospitality employers providing jobs with good remuneration, good training, good career development prospects and much more.

There are countless hospitality employers that provide a culture where people can be inspired to develop a career and thrive within hospitality.

A benchmark to be recognised as a good employer could be taken from those that excel in being just that.

Many young people view hospitality industry as a kind of half-way job…

Rather than a meaningful career opportunity.

That is why so many businesses see such a high staff turnover.

As a business I have trained many young people, some of which have taken the path into this industry others have followed in different paths but they have all learned the fundamental basics of life training (Hospitality is the university of life).

What my clients say


Thank you to Alice and the team for their support, know how and flexibility in a perfect weekend…the service is perfection.