My name is Alice, I have been hosting weddings in Scotland for over two decades and still love it as much as I did when I first started.

From the colourful and flamboyant to the intimate and reserved, my job is to make sure that you get the perfect dream wedding.

I have very successfully planned over 1,500 weddings and events, including many same sex marriages and civil ceremonies.

What advice can I offer you? Well, the list is endless.

One thing about me! I am very honest and will tell you what works and what doesn’t work.

I never have a problem saying “No” 

Which I do believe many people in this industry struggle with daily.

I believe giving a couple the right advice early on will cut out any stress in the coming months and make sure that your day runs smoothly and stress free, which I have to say I do very well.

I feel honoured and excited to be sharing my advice and passion for the world of weddings with you.

My aim, is to help you achieve the best wedding possible, remember there are no re-runs on a wedding day so there can be no room for error…

As an experienced wedding and business advisor, I can use my expertise and in-depth industry knowledge to help you build a successful wonderful wedding day.

I am seeing more and more couples over the years, choosing to hold their wedding in the great outdoors, and why not? 

Scotland is steeped in natural beauty, there are so many amazing spots where couples can commit to one another.

Outdoor weddings in Scotland boast some truly stunning natural landscapes that provide all the romance and a stunning backdrop perfect for your special day.

Even the best wedding advisors have had a challenging past couple of years as COVID-19 has affected the entire wedding industry. 

First, there were no weddings, then they were rescheduled, downsized and now after two years of being in limbo, were in the early stages of what’s being proclaimed a wedding boom.

People have changed so much over the past few years, having weddings taking place on a Wednesday afternoon has become quite normal and anything goes with regards to the size of your wedding party.

Some are taking the “go big or go home” approach because they’ve had to wait so long and are ready to let loose, while others are maintaining a less is more vibe and keeping their event intimate. 

Either way, I am here for you, if you need to find the best wedding advisor who can execute the many levels of logistics required of hosting a wedding during an ongoing global pandemic look no further….

As a wedding advisor, I talk with countless couples every day who have been affected by the coronavirus. Couples who had to cancel their wedding due to so many restrictions.

If you’re reading this, you were probably planning a wedding that got badly beaten and bruised by this ever-changing pandemic. I hear you, and more importantly I’m here for you.

What is the difference…

Between a micro-wedding and a mini-wedding, a sequel-wedding, and an elopement? 

There are so many new wedding terms this year that it is hard to know the difference between them all!  Do they all mean the same thing? 

They are all just weddings, right? Well yes and no!

Traditional western weddings usually follow a standard format of pre-ceremony drinks, ceremony, champagne, and canapés, followed by wedding meal.

They don’t necessarily have to be in that order, but generally the ceremony comes first, followed by the reception.

Over the past five years this has been steadily changing, with more and more couples opting out of the traditional wedding and the expense that comes with it. 

Of course, with the complication of a pandemic, the small wedding has become even more popular, and in many cases, a necessity. 

Small groups naturally lend themselves to alternative wedding formats and don’t follow the traditional wedding program guidelines, as dancing the night away on the dance floor doesn’t quite make as much sense when you only have 15 guests.

The Micro-Wedding

Described as an intimate wedding for up to 50 guests and is essentially a smaller and paired down version of a typical wedding. 

This is the biggest version of the small weddings and can include some dancing and usually a focus on the decor and having a team of professional vendors.

A mini wedding is a very general term and doesn’t refer to any specific type of wedding, usually it is used by us the wedding advisors to describe their service, or it is referring in general to any type of small wedding with less than 40 guests.

The Mini-Wedding:

The Tiny Wedding:

A tiny wedding is a small wedding with usually less than 10 guests and with a ceremony only format. These are generally pre-planned packages from venues, that include all the elements needed for a ceremony and then a small reception with cake and champagne.

In 2020 and 2021 the tiny wedding was very popular in the UK due to all the government restrictions.

I personally arranged many tiny weddings, which I find so intimate and personal.

A pop-up wedding is a wedding package usually for the couple only or maybe a handful of guests, no more than 10. The package includes the ceremony only and there are only a few fixed dates the couple can book. For one day, multiple couples will come through the ceremony site at set times to get married at one beautiful set up and use the same set of professional vendors. You are left on your own for your post-ceremony plans. 

The Pop-Up Wedding:

The Elopement Wedding:

(which I love and do very well!)
An elopement wedding can be just the two of you or up to 10 guests. Normally we offer this as a destination wedding with a couple of closest family and friends for a weekend of activities and fun. A beautifully decorated ceremony, followed by champagne reception and dinner in an exceptional dining room.

I know so many couples who have had to change their plans or postpone their wedding date due to all the restrictions.

That is why they turn to Scotland to marry the love of their life, because of the dramatic, moody, and wild area steeped in romance and history, with a stunning mountainous landscape. 

If you are looking for rugged sweeping views, wild rivers, beautiful Lochs, waterfalls, and enchanted woodland for your “Scottish Elopement”

Then look no further.

The best wedding destination is Scotland, and I am the best Scottish wedding advisor to help you plan your spectacular day and make dreams to last a lifetime.

My goal, is to create an intimate and unforgettable wedding experience that will celebrate your own unique love story.

Just read my reviews….

What my clients say

Our Little Lockdown Wedding

From the day we first emailed Alice, (mid lockdown in 2020) she has been the most amazing wedding planner! Replying to our endless questions and constant messages during the pandemic…we honestly couldn’t have asked for any more! We got married due to the pandemic in a much smaller wedding than originally planned, but Alice helped us to include our families at home and accommodated out every request!

Tam and Amy